At Arrowdyne we take security seriously.
Because of this all of our security guards have to go through a vigerous interviewing process, and criminal background checks before we will hire them. All of our security guards are licenced through the State of Alaska to work as a security guard in Anchorage, Alaska, and comply with all municipal and state guidlines.

Feel more secure with Arrowdyne

Our primary focus is to keep our clients, and their property safe. Since we know security you can rest assured that we will get the job done.

  • Uniformed Armed/Unarmed Guards
  • Continuously Trained
  • Leaders in Service
  • Professional
Coming soon! Our key personal!

Bob Sherman

President/ Owner
(907) 561-4445

John Doe

Head Security Guard
(907) 561-4445

John Doe

Head Post Guard
(907) 561-4445